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New Multiple Voltages, One Same Battery System

We recently wrote about two of the most significant battery upgrades the tool industry has seen in recent years: Milwaukee’s realization of the 9.0 amp hour High Demand battery pack and DeWalt’s FlexVolt system. What fans of Teal already know, but many may still be in the dark about, is that there has been a high capacity and flexible voltage system on the market for a couple of years already in the form of Makita 18V X2 LXT cordless tools and the 18V LXT cordless tools that run on the same batteries.
Multiple Voltages, One Battery System
Cordless Circular Saw Shootout
Makita 18V X2 LXT cordless tools take advantage of a more simplistic design. By connecting two batteries with a series connection, you add the voltages together. Rather than creating a 36V platform, Makita found a way to create a series connection between two 18V batteries to get there. That happens on the tool itself with no adapters required.
When Makita first launched the X2 system, Pros and enthusiasts alike questioned if an on-board series connection is the best way to move to a more powerful tool. After all, some companies developed their 36V platforms to great success with more powerful cordless tools. Still, others remained committed to their 18V platforms, citing the benefit of keeping their users on one battery system.
Makita plugged along, bringing out new 18V X2 LXT tools when it made sense but still focusing on expanding their 18V LXT system, which is the workhorse of their cordless lineup. The initial advantage of the Makita 18V X2 LXT system is in its inherent design that gives users the ability to purchase more powerful 36V tools while using the batteries they already own.
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